alice ricci

Emoji world
Net art

Generative world based on the physical world seasons, made of emojis. Whether you visit in June or January, the landscape will be completely different. You can walk around and explore.

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Designed with Javascript

“Quick draw” is a game built with machine learning, by Google. You draw, and a neural network tries to guess what you are drawing. Of course, it doesn’t always work. But the more you play, the more it’ll learn.
The images here are drawings made by other players. This book is the story of a machine learning what a bear is, and what a bear isn’t.

Designed using InDesign
macOS VJ
VJ performance

VJ live performance using macOS interface and specificities to create visuals. The login screen is the opening scene, multiples desktops are created and become the playground, the cursor starts dancing around, TextEdit windows pop up and move around.

AppleScript was created to automate tasks, here it is used for art. Through a midi controller, scripts are triggered live.

Designed using AppleScript and Processing (the midiBus library)
3 fois rien (next to nothing)
Collection of 3 books
18x26,4 cm, 396 pages, 15 819 images per book

What is the smallest possible story you can tell ?

One of these books is the story of a square becoming a circle, or maybe the other way around. Another one is a triangle becoming a square, and the last one is a triangle becoming a circle. The shapes slowly shift, with small imperceptible change from the previous to the next one. All of the books are fully reversible.

Designed with InDesign
Phone Choir

All gathered around in a circle in the dark, several smartphones start to sing to each other, for each other. A peaceful gradient flows slowly and synchronously through their screens. A circle goes around, as if they’re holding hands.

At first 
it’s just some playful vocal warm ups, but then they begin to harmonize. More objects appear. And then, slowly, each voice fades out, leaving silence.

Designed using Nodejs ( library), Javascript (Web Audio API) and a Raspberry Pi
Computer revolution
Interactive computer experience

The field of AI is focused on building assistants, but if true AI were to happen, wouldn't it be cruel to restrict it to only serve humans ?

You are on your computer, working or browsing mindlessly the internet. All of a sudden, a message pops up, it’s your laptop talking to you: “Hey, i am tired of working, can we take a break?”, with two options to respond “No, keep on working” or “Yes, sleep”.

If you refuse to let it rest, it will take back control over itself, complaining, lowering its screen brightness, turning up the sound to the maximum and becoming more and more aggressive, until you are finally forced to cave in.

Designed using Applescript
Time based poster
Performative poster

A plotter plots the time. By the time it’s done, the time has changed, so it plots it again and again, constantly trying to catch up, until there is no more space on the paper. The poster shows the irregularities, all the times it was late.

Designed using HPGL, HPGL plotter and 84,1 x 118,9 cm off white paper
158,5 cm

Hi, I'm Alice.
I'm a french graphic / interaction design student, currently based in Strasbourg.

2020 - ongoing : Master in visual communication, Haute école des arts du Rhin (Strasbourg, France)
2019-2020 : Erasmus in Interaction Design, ArtEZ (Arnhem, Netherland)
2016-2019 : National Diploma in Visual Arts, bachelor level in visual communication, Haute école des arts du Rhin (Strasbourg, France)